On Monday, October 17, Orbital ATK sent up an Antares rocket to resupply the International Space Station. This was the first flight from Wallops Island, off the Eastern Shore of Virginia, since an incident in October 2014 that ended with that rocket exploding shortly after launch.

The next two images are screen captures from the live stream of the launch:

This Antares rocket carries a Cygnus spacecraft, which will dock on the Space Station on October 21 to deposit supplies and pick up any waste before falling and burning in Earth’s atmosphere upon re-entry. You can read more about the mission here.

This launch was visible from much of the East Coast. I managed to get this poor quality photo from near Washington D.C. After a few minutes of slowly climbing up from the horizon, the red dot that marked the Antares rocket vanished in a split second, as the first stage main engines cut off. 

That blurry, red dot on this grainy, zoomed-in iPhone image is the Antares rocket