Even though they’re often depicted as pop culture as being dull and monotone, Roman houses and buildings were full of vibrant color. Sadly, years of rain and wind and sun have worn off the bright yellows and reds and blues that once adorned the tops of columns and temples.

Until someone invents a time machine, this 3D rendering of an upper-class home in Pompeii, courtesy of the Lund University in Sweden, is probably the closest we’ll get to experiencing this colorful world. You can read more about this project (and see some more fun pictures) at The Daily Mail.

Sadly, my wife and I didn’t end up making the trip from Rome to Pompeii while we were in Italy, so I have no pictures of my own to add here. That will have to wait for a future trip and a future blog post!


And here’s a second video from the team that worked on this project:


Featured image source: Lund Unversity and The Daily Mail. I do not own this image. For more images like this, visit the link here.